• Furnace Manufacturing
HIGHTEMP’s core competency has been in manufacturing furnaces since 1970. Over the last 47 years, we are known to be India’s No.1 furnace manufacturer. Discover our innovative Rapid Tempering, Atmospheric and Vacuum Furnace capabilities.
  • Heat Treatment Services
HIGHTEMP offers unique value added Heat Treatment services. While our Nitrotec process can save material weight, the ADI process enables replacement of forgings with castings in some applications. Check out our Vacuum Heat Treatment & Brazing for Aerospace.
  • Machined Components
HIGHTEMP offers to select customers the integrated solution of compressing supply chain by forging, machining and heat treating. Read more about our capabilities in machined components.
  • Aluminium Furnaces
HIGHTEMP has entered into a technical collaboration with Sanken Sangyo of Japan who is a leading manufacturer of aluminum melting furnaces. This enables Hightemp to provide to the automotive industry state-of-the-art installations and products that are less labor intensive, energy and resource efficient. Our range of advanced equipment’s for melting, holding and recycling of machining chips  for aluminum foundries is backed with new standards of performance and quality.
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Mar 28 2016
New Ordr

The Continuous Gas Carbursing line for the Swedish-Italian MNC is under production trials.

Hightemp will be supplying 6 Sealed Quench Furnaces for existing customers as part of their expansion project.

Hightemp is supplying a High temperature mesh belt furnace line for a Japanese company in India.

Hightemp will be exporting 3 Vacuum washing machines to Mexico and Japan

Feb 4 2016
Hightemp collaborates with Sanken Sangyo of Japan

Hightemp collaborates with Sanken Sangyo of Japan to revolutionize the Aluminium Furnace Industry in India with world class technology.

  S. Subramaniasivam
   Rhodes India Automotive Private Limited

Hightemp Furnaces has been a trusted supplier of atmospheric heat treat furnaces and offer heat treatment services which DELPHI (Rhodes) have used in our plant in Bangalore. We have found in our experience that the furnaces sold to us deliver good performance with consistent results. Hightemp has also been our heat treater of choice in view of their commitment in knowing good heat treat methods and practices....

  S. Subramaniasivam
   Rhodes India Automotive Private Limited