Quick Facts
  • Uniform heating from sides through the close pitch radiant tubes
  • Cast integral fan for uniformity of temperature & atmosphere
  • Can use Endo gas, Nitrogen-Methanol or Fine Carburising Process Atmosphere

Batch Type Integral Sealed Quench Furnace

Batch Type Integral Sealed Quench Furnaces provide the benefit of uniform heating from the sides through Radiant tube heaters located on either side. Integral Sealed Quench Furnaces from HIGHTEMP incorporate a cast integral fan to ensure uniformity of temperature.  For the furnace atmosphere, these furnaces provide the option of using Endothermic gas, Nitrogen-Methanol or Fine Carburising Process.


  • Straight through design
  • No moving parts in heating chamber
  • Fully automated sequentially controlled with PLC
  • Thyristor with PID temperature control
  • Carbon potential controller with proportional valve
  • Touch screen graphic operator panel with alarm annunciation
  • Multi point temperature recorder
  • Silicon carbide skids or heat resistant steel T-rails
  • Pneumatically operated doors and elevators
  • Turnkey project offered with process know-how
  • All alarms and annunciation with inter-locks for operational safety
  • Options for Electric / Gas fired Radiant tube heating available
  • Easily available low cost spares
  • Design facilitates minimum down-time for maintenance / replacement
  • Integrated and compact layout with washing, tempering and material handling equipment at economical prices
  • Sophisticated controls including SCADA and Data Acquisition can be offered


  • Carburising
  • Hardening
  • Carbonitriding
  • Annealing
  • Bright Hardening
  • Nitro Carburising
  • Normalizing
  • Precipitation Hardening