IDEX Rotary Kiln

IDEX is an enhanced rotary kiln system which can dry machining chips wetted with coolant generating from the machining process of cast products, prior to melting.

IDEX consists of a drying rotary kiln, an afterburner and a cyclone, and fume (white smoke) generating from the coolant during drying process is incinerated within the afterburner chamber, prior to exiting to the air.

Coolant to be dried is a kind of flammable VOC (volatile organic compounds). Combustion heat of the VOC is utilized effectively as a part of the heat required for the IDEX drying system so that the IDEX can be an energy saving drying system.


  • IDEX can be an energy saving drying system
  • IDEX can be used for varied applications such as machining chip drying, decoating UBC, window frames, laminates, etc
  • Ensures secure safety operation